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Some things just define the American experience:  summertime baseball, the 4X4 Jeep, double-cheeseburgers.  All time-tested and without equal...Military Dog Tags are further examples of Americas' icons.  We continue the legacy with Authentic rolled-edge military dog tags available in 4 quality finishes and 6 colors of rubber silencers.  All tags are clearly embossed (not stamped) with up to 5 lines of information, 16 characters and spaces per line.  You may personalize each tag DIFFERENTLY and with ANYTHING you want!  Make a set for friendship, advertise your club or hobby, memorialize an event...yes, we can even make them in standard-issue GI format for your curbside commandos!  See our fun examples' page for inspiration.  All military dog tag sets include two tags, two silencers, two chains, two split-rings and FREE SHIPPING.  Please fill-in the fields below and then click 'Add To Cart' - continue shopping our catalog or proceed to 'Checkout.'



Military Dog Tag Sets Including ALL Attachments For One Low Price

Sample Metal Finishes Left to Right - Black Stainless, Shiny Stainless, Shiny Brass, Matte Stainless

Military Dog Tags in Black, Stainless Steel or Brass
$10.95 Total Package Includes:

  2 Tags Each Tag Can Have Separate Information
  2 Chains - One 24", One 4" Extra 24" Chain - $1.00
  2 Silencers
  2 Split Rings

10% Discount on Orders Over $30.00, Can Be Combined with Orders

Military Dog Tags Shipped FREE Since 1972


Tag Finish:  
Silencer Color:  
Extra 24" Chain:  
HINT! Order a Second Chain and You Have the Option of Two  Single Tags for Two People . . . A Great Value!

Personalization Limited to Five Lines - 16 Characters and Spaces Per Line - All Capitol Letters

Characters Available for Embossing: A-Z, 1-0, - . ( ) * ' / # &

Information for Tag # One

Tag Personalization  

Information for Tag # Two

Tag Personalization  

Show Your Patriotic Pride With Genuine Embossed Military Dog Tags


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